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When you invest in customised promotional products such as promotional lanyards, you are more likely to attract and sustain attention from your customers. If you want your business to grow, then you need to keep your brand in the forefront of people's minds so that it is memorable and recognisable. That's why thousands of companies have produced their own range of lanyards and have seen a positive change.

Printed Lanyards

Promotional lanyards are usually customised with a company's logo or marketing message. There are many lanyard wholesale suppliers who offer this service and can help you select the best type of lanyards. There are a wide range to choose from and have the capability of providing your brand the exposure it needs.

Custom Lanyards

Polyester lanyards are very popular, as they are cheap, practical and durable. They usually come in flat and tubular styles are commonly used for corporate events, promotions and security. Flat polyester styles offer a larger printing area to allow for prominent branding. Other types of promotional lanyards are woven lanyards which has your logo woven into the strap rather than printed on. These give a very professional look and feel and are sure to impress clients and sustain their attention.

Lanyards should be given out to your staff for wearing at work as part of their uniform. Promotional lanyards can also be handed out at events and conferences for customers and clients to use and keep for future use. They will serve as a useful advertising tool, since your brand will be consistently exposed to more people.

Promotional lanyards come with a range of attachments such as safety release clips and dog clips. Safety release clips are useful for when you need to remove the lanyard swiftly without causing any damage. This is practical for when the lanyard is attached to items such as I.D badges, keys, flash drives and mobile phones. Lanyards are likely to kept by customers due to their practicalities and will remind them of your business.

Promotional lanyards customised with your brand logo and message, is one of the fastest ways to get the word out about your business to the public. They will attract and sustain attention in today's tough economic climate. Since most people will make use of a lanyard, this will do your business more benefit than any other form of advertising because wherever the person wears it, your brand is being shown to a wider audience on a consistent basis.